We’re here to change the game again!

Now offering servers tailored for botting to optimize performance.

Why you Should Choose Live Servers?


Unlike many of dedicated sneakers server providers in the market, Live Servers are managed in-house to provide better uptime and reliability which are very essential.


We are utilizing the latest server technology hardware ever, unleashing your bot’s full potential when it comes to performance.


Get your full money’s worth. The price you pay for the newest technology hardware is the best bang for your buck.


As a Live Server subscriber, you will have access to buy Live Proxies plan(s) at any time, regardless of having an active plan or not.


$ 110 / Monthly


Fast Delivery

12 vCPCU

99.9% Uptime


Monthly Auto Renewal

10 Gbps Network

Advanced Management Panel

Ashburn, VA located

Latest Hardware

Unlimited Bandwidth

Windows 2016/2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Local ISPs don’t like sneakers botters.
When you run your tasks on your local, you’re causing a massive headache for the ISPs.
Thus, most of the time, they either block your access to proxy servers or they put a rate limit and lower your copping chances.
Our sneaker servers are connected to multiple datacenter Tier 1 ISPs – so you get extremely high speeds, greater stability, and the lowest latency which is not found on local ISPs.

Comparing to Windows, Mac is much more complex. Therefore, most of the bot developers don’t pay enough attention to Mac devices when they release an update. Especially hot fixes don’t cover Macs at all. Thus, as a Mac user, we recommend you get a server no matter what.

AWS/Google and other dedicated sneakers servers? AWS and Google are public cloud providers. They cater to the general public, so first and foremost they do not care about sneaker botters and their infrastructure is not purpose built for sneaker botting, unlike Live Servers.
To put it simply, what that means is that they will not optimize their network and hardware to handle the special compute and networking needs that sneaker botters require.
Second, AWS and Google have the craziest prices/markups in the industry. In today’s botting climate, a 24/7 monthly server is almost essential. However, you cannot sustain a monthly server on AWS/Google with their pricing. That is a fact. You can check for yourself. With Live Servers, our prices are much more reasonable for a 24/7 monthly server.
We are also confident our hardware is on-par or in some cases even better and newer than what you will get from AWS. We’re not mentioning Google because as of 2021, Google’s Cloud platform utilizes inferior hardware compared to AWS.
We’re not going to make direct comparisons with other sneaker server providers, but what we can assure you is that Live Servers is independently operated and built from the ground up. We gathered a team of network engineers to design and execute the best possible server infrastructure specifically for sneaker botting. Our team will continue to closely monitor the hardware and network requirements in this fast-paced sneaker botting industry and make changes in the background wherever necessary. Whether this can be said for other sneaker server providers, we’re not sure.

Nope, Live servers can work with any proxy, but as commonly known in the market, you’re significantly increasing your copping chances when you have Live Proxies.

We recommend running a stress test from time to time and monitor the Windows task manager. Windows task manager should be the only source that you should listen. It won’t lie and will tell you exactly what process/program is using how much of resources. Generally speaking, the bots that are using browser module takes much from the CPU. Another thing is that sometimes bot developers can push updates that change the resource utilization of their bots – whether it’s an increase in usage or a decrease. These are things we can’t control. Every bot is different, so simply monitor your Windows task manager and adjust the best setup for yourself.

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